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Finding a furever family

The team at Noah's Ark have always been passionate about pets and have been rescuing pets individually for years; Bobby, Aslan, Seb, Willy, The General, Bonnie, Smokey, Noah and Gizmo, the list goes on. 

It quickly became apparent as we took over Noah's Pet Holiday Home that this was the perfect opportunity to adapt our kennels and cattery and incorporate a separate pet section where we could care for pets in need of help and needing to become part of a furever family.

Initially we gave ourselves two years to bring our dream to fruition, until we met Alice a 5 week old abandoned kitten full of cat flu. We rushed her to the vets who were hopeful they could save one of her eyes and build up her strength for her to be able to endure the operation she needed. Unfortunately she was just too weak and she suffered a seizure just before the operation. The generosity of our friends, family and customers to help cover her vet bills was overwhelming and spurred us into action. So here we are... the start of an amazing journey and all are welcome to join us for part or all of this exciting venture.


What we do

Below you can find information on the rescue pet care we provide and how you can get involved with rehoming one of our rescue pets of fundraising to support the rescue pets in our care.


Pets in need of help

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue is dedicated to caring for the lost, stray and abandoned dogs and cats of the Barnsley area. We have a non-destruction policy and are committed to reducing the unwanted cat and dog problem in this area by neutering every animal that we re-home.

Rehoming Policy

Before we re-home, your pet will be vaccinated and neutered. All applications are subject to a home visit. We want to ensure our pets have the best shot of finding their new home, so we won't have a massive checklist you need to full fill, we just need to see that you have oodles of love to give your chosen pet and can offer them somewhere safe and warm x


There are numerous ways you can support Noah's Ark Pet Rescue, you can pop into reception at Noah's Ark Pet Holiday Home to make a donation, ring us to make a card payment over the phone, organise a fundraising event OR......... why not join us on Sunday 29 March and take part in an exhilarating 15,000ft tandem skydive!!

Pets looking for their 'furever' family

eve 2.jpg


Here's our beautiful Eve. Eve came from a colony of feral cats the rescue is working hard to trap and neuter and rehome where possible.

Eve arrived at the rescue with pregnant mums, Joan and Marple. Fortunately we got Eve before she'd come into season.

Eve is currently in a foster home, where she has come on leaps and bounds from the frightened feral that arrived at the rescue.

Eve is a gentle soul, but is used to children and loves her kitty friends.


Pets looking for their 'furever' family

I'm Liza, Mo and Mindy's mum, I'm 7, che


Meet super mum Liza. Liza spent her first two years wandering the streets until pregnant she landed on Jose's doorstep. She gave birth to Mo and Mindy and spent 5 very happy years safe and warm. Sadly Jose passed away in December from cancer and her dearest wish was that her furballs would be taken care of and amazing homes found.

Liza is very loving , a little bossy with her grown up children but a really lovely cat. Ideally we'd like to keep all three together but Jose did say it would be ok to re-home Liza on her own if necessary, as she was quite independent.


Kora is 2 1/2 and a beautiful little cat, she's very active, and certainly vocal when she wants some cuddles and love. Kora doesn't like loud noises so would suit a more peaceful home, no other pets or children.


How has beautiful Kora not been snapped

Noah's Kittens

phoebe 1.JPG


This beautiful little girl is so lucky to be alive. She spent the first 4 months of her life in the outdoors. When we managed to catch her, she was afraid and wounded. Now her wound has healed and she's learning to trust our team. Instead of hissing she now purrs in delight when her ears are rubbed. It's amazing to see how she develops everyday and we can't wait for the day she voluntarily jumps on our knee. Despite her rocky start, Phoebe is turning into a lovely kitten and learning to play instead of having to protect herself, whilst waiting for her 'Furever Family' to find her.


Tiny Pebbles may be small but she has the spirit of a lion. Pebbles started her life under a shed with brothers Leaf and Digby and mum Daisy. They were discovered at 6 weeks and whilst mum Daisy was super relaxed, her three kittens kittens were initially very afraid and timid. With lots of time and patience Pebbles is now ready to be rehomed. She is cute as buttons and loves to chase around, catnip toys and string a must for this gorgeous little girl.


Urgent Appeal for homes

Are you looking for me, my name is Mo, I


Our very cheeky and handsome Mo is simply an epic cat, he's loving, playful and looks after his sister Mindy. Mo and Mindy joined us at the rescue in December with their mum Liza. All three cats need a home and ideally together although so long as Mo and Mindy are together, it would be possible to rehome their mum Liza separately.

Mo is 5 and really is a character, he's addicted to dreamies, hugs and roast chicken.


Here's gentle soul Mindy, Mindy is really missing her mum after she passed away from cancer and is struggling a little bit in rescue. Luckily she has brother Mo who keeps her occupied and is her comfort blanket. Like her brother Mo and mum Liza, Mindy is extremely loving and simply yearns for a lap to curl up on.

I'm Mindy, I'm very gentle, I love lots