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Finding a furever family

The team at Noah's Ark have always been passionate about pets no and have been rescuing pets individually for years; Aslan, Seb, Willy, The General, Bonnie, Smokey, Noah and Gizmo, the list goes on. 

It quickly became apparent as we took over Noah's Pet Holiday Home that this was the perfect opportunity to adapt our kennels and cattery and incorporate a separate pet section where we could care for pets in need of help and needing to become part of a furever family.

Initially we gave ourselves two years to bring our dream to fruition, until we met Alice a 5 week old abandoned kitten full of cat flu. We rushed her to the vets who were hopeful they could save one of her eyes and build up her strength for her to be able to endure the operation she needed. Unfortunately she was just too weak and she suffered a seizure just before the operation. The generosity of our friends, family and customers to help cover her vet bills was overwhelming and spurred us into action. So here we are... the start of an amazing journey and all are welcome to join us for part or all of this exciting venture.

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue Limited is a Not for Profit Company. Company No.12874030

Telephone: 07825 563499 

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Welcome

What we do

Below you can find information on the rescue pet care we provide and how you can get involved with rehoming one of our rescue pets of fundraising to support the rescue pets in our care.

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Projects

Pets in need of help

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue is dedicated to caring for the lost, stray and abandoned dogs and cats of the Barnsley area. We have a non-destruction policy and are committed to reducing the unwanted cat and dog problem in this area by neutering every animal that we re-home.


Rehoming Policy

Before we re-home, your pet will be vaccinated and neutered. All applications are subject to a home visit. We want to ensure our pets have the best shot of finding their new home, so we won't have a massive checklist you need to full fill, we just need to see that you have oodles of love to give your chosen pet and can offer them somewhere safe and warm x



There are numerous ways you can support Noah's Ark Pet Rescue, you can pop into reception at Noah's Ark Pet Holiday Home to make a donation, ring us to make a card payment over the phone, organise a fundraising event OR......... why not join us later this year and take part in an exhilarating 15,000ft tandem skydive on Sunday 3 October 2021!!

Cats looking for their Furever Families
07724 830904


Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots was found in a shed terrified, only 4 mths old. He's struggled to trust humans but is gradually getting there. We can't wait for that breakthrough purr. To be so scared, so young is just heartbreaking. 

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services

Tibster and Manwell

These gorgeous boys have been in Rescue since Feb 2023, it's just too awful. Tibster was very poorly from the stress of it in December. We're desperate to find our bonded pair a home together.
They arrived at the Rescue with 8 furry friends when their mum passed away leaving her 10 cats behind. 
These two are gentle souls itching to have a home of their own to run around.

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services

Binky Boo

Bink Boo arrived in a terrible state. He'd been fed as a stray for over 12 months and in March 23 lost the tips of his ears to frost bite. He arrived with a terrible chest infection which took a while to get rid off. He also desperately needed a dental. Sadly he tested FIV positive. He's recovered from his chest infections and doesn't need to be on permanent meds. His chest will always be his weak spot, so if his family had a cold they might need to take precautions near him. A bout might mean he needed a course of antibiotics. Binky Boo has to be an indoor cat.

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services

Here are some of the Cats we have re-homed

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services
phoebe 1.JPG







Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services




Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services
Hermes Paco Aramis.jpg

Hermes, Aramis and Paco



Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services



Delilah and Deanna

Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services
eliza and kits.png

Eliza and Kittens



Noah's Ark Pet Rescue : Services
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