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Cat Boarding in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Treat your feline to a quiet and tranquil stay. Book your cat in at our cattery whenever you need high-quality cat boarding, and rest assured that your cat is in the safest of hands with us at our location in the heart of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 

The Utmost in Cat Care

Your companion deserves only the best. Reserve your cat a spot in one of our spacious rooms complete with heated beds for that extra luxury.

Brightly coloured for a warm and engaging environment, our cattery caters to your feline's every requirement.

Noah's Ark cattery boasts internal accommodation which is split into two levels. On the first level, we have an eating and exercise area. On the second, there is a sleeping gallery with heat padded bed and plush furry bedding.

Tell Us About Your Cat

What food makes your cat lick their lips in delight? Should breakfast and dinner be served in a metal, plastic or porcelain dish? decisions...decisions. Mmmm cat milk or just fresh water.

With full central heating as well as lighting for dark evenings, we offer a comfy and relaxing stay. Toys are provided  and we welcome you to bring your own for added comfort. We make your cat feel safe and loved by discussing everything, including:

• What your cat like to do? 
• Is grooming simply purrfect? 
• Are cuddles on the menu?

• Belly tickling - yes please, or taking your life in your hands?

Assessed as 5 Star by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Licencing Department

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